The real secret to education isn´t actually a secret at all…
Revealed: YOU are the missing link between your child and their full potential.

Everything you need to give your child a head start in life is already at your fingertips. We´re here to show you how.


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In today’s schools everything is standardized. There is little or no room for the individual to develop their own natural talents and genius – if it doesn’t fit into the curriculum; it has no place in school!


If you disagree, we don’t want to waste your time. If you agree, read on…

Our children are being forced into a one-size-fits-all education model with no freedom for the individual, and this is failing miserably. More and more kids today are dropping out of school – and many of the ones who stay have no enthusiasm for what they are taught.

Children rarely understand the joy that comes from learning. Doesn’t that seem strange – at the age when everything is new and exciting, that so many kids have no passion? That they are bored? Sound familiar?

The solution is easy – it’s you!

One thing’s for sure – we can’t leave our children’s future in the hands of the current schooling system. It’s time for parents to take matters into their own hands.

So how can you help?

You need to learn how to be the best teacher you can be. Why? Because like it or not:

  • YOU are your child’s first (and best!) teacher. By ‘teacher’ we do not mean what you might think. You do not have to stand in front of a whiteboard or become insanely animated in order to get your child’s attention. In fact, you largely need to learn how and when to leave your child to get on with things alone.
  • To be great at anything, you will need training. (On that note, don’t you think it’s a little strange that you need qualifications or a licence to do most things in life, but do not for the most important job we will ever do – being a parent.) There are a lot of laymans out there in charge of a little person’s development!
  • From the moment of birth, children are absorbing their surroundings, and the way you interact and structure their environment makes the most incredible difference to how they develop.
  • Therefore your home, for better or worse, is where your child builds his foundational knowledge.
  • We now know that a person builds his personality in the first six years of life, so the way you do things in this crucial period will shape who your child becomes for the rest of their lives

In a nutshell…

YOU are your child’s most important teacher, and
your HOME is their first school

When it comes to harnessing your child’s true potential, nothing comes close to one tried and tested, scientifically proven method which has already shaped the lives of millions…

So what is this “secret” method?


Learning happens in the minds and souls, not in the databases of multiple-choice tests.
– Sir Ken Robinson
It’s called Montessori, and it has the power to change everything you ever thought you knew about learning.

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Maria Montessori
and Her Discovery

Maria Montessori was an Italian doctor at the end of the 1800’s. She worked with mentally handicapped children and she discovered that the best way to help them was not through medicine, but education. Under her guidance the children who had previously been dubbed ‘hopefully deficient’ were soon not only taking care of themselves, but also passing mainstream academic tests. This would become the most revolutionary form of education ever.

She then got to wondering… if these methods could help these disadvantaged children so much, imagine what they could do for other children.

Her unique educational practices allowed children the freedom to pursue what interested them, and to explore their interest in a practical way. The children were inspired, creative, innovative and above all – happy. They also proved they could live and achieve way above the level society expected of them.

It was not long before the Montessori method exploded in popularity and earned Maria two Nobel Prize nominations.

Get your free Montessori Home Advantage Starter Kit now, and start learning how you can transform your child’s life for the better!


Education is a gift. Let them enjoy it.

Montessori education is different. We view children as individuals, each with their own special gifts to be nurtured and explored to their full potential. Montessori children grow up independent, confident and sure of themselves and their own abilities.

Many of today’s great innovators were Montessori educated. This includes the founders of Google, Amazon and Wikipedia, George Clooney, Taylor Swift, Beyonce Knowles… the list goes on! What’s more, a large number of this list have directly credited their Montessori education to their astonishing success.

Sounds good? Montessori Home Advantage will show you how to implement Maria Montessori’s methods and techniques in your own home to give your children the best possible start in life.

Get your free Montessori Home Advantage Starter Kit now, and start learning how you can transform your child’s life for the better!